Apple’s new metal credit card resource information

Apple’s new metal credit card Is it worth it?  Here is the basic information. Provided by Angelo via Instagram @paidwithpoints | Youtube Channel @paidwithpoints. Angelo provides information on Travel hacks and new credit card reviews.    Enter Angelo – Apple Pay now has a whole new meaning. Launching this summer, APPLE NOT A BANK, has created its own credit card! . Issued by Goldman Sachs ? Mastercard ? No Annual […]

EPP – Extended Protection Plan Update

Extended Protection Plan Update Over the last year, some of our clients have experienced the loss of their metal cards through an ATM machine. Previous MCC policy was ATM loss without written proof was considered a “lost” card; therefore not covered under warranty. As for 03/04/19 that policy has changed. (see below) as of 03/04/19, MCC (EPP) Extended Protection Plan will cover under warranty, without written proof, the loss of […]

Unlimited Plastic Card Upgrades

Unlimited Plastic Card Upgrades The only reason MCC exists is due to the restrictions placed on acquiring a luxury metal credit card by the big banks and credit card companies. As well as the astronomical annual fees just to use one (1) metal card.  At the moment, the annual fee for one MasterCard Black Card is $495 for the primary user. After 4 years that same card will cost close […]

Metal Bitcoin Debit Cards

Metal Bitcoin Debit Cards Upgrade Any Plastic Bitcoin Debit Card to Metal If you still live under a rock then more than likely you have yet to hear about the newest currency craze; Bitcoin. Also known a Cryptocurrency, Blockchain currency, and or Virtual currency.  What is the future of Bitcoin? Some financial analyst say it is the next evolution of global currency. Where it will be in the next 5 to […]

Client Love Notes from New Jersey, U.S.A.

Client Love Notes For the last 4 years we (MCC) have been blessed with the ability to bring our unique idea to reality. We take great pride in creating custom metal credit|debit cards for our unique clients around the world.  Recently we received a note from a client (see image above) We couldn’t be more pleased. It is an amazing feeling to be validated. We greatly appreciate the notes, reviews, […]

Out of State Sales Tax Adjusted

Company news: Out of State Sales Tax Adjusted   Update: 09/26/17 Due to increased sales volume MCC is now Federally required to implement a tax on all Out-of-State purchases. Out-of-State Tax implementation effective October 1st, 2017 Thank you for your continued business.  Staff