Updated 08/31/22

Warranties are granted on a case by case basis; also requiring the original metal card to be returned to the laboratory in order for a warranty claim to qualify; no exceptions. (Purchaser is responsible for shipping charges to Laboratory)

Please contact CustomerService@metal-creditcard.com to ensure your claim qualifies accordingly. 

Market Compromises & Premature Upgrades/Card Changes Defined

“Market Compromises” or “Third Party compromises” are covered by MCC as warranty.

“Premature upgrades” are defined as the following:
– Random card renewal
– EMV chip upgrade (client must purchase the Beta EMV Chip Swap™ option if they choose to add it to their warranty replacement card)

Basic Warranty Period Time Table: 

  • First 6 months – Free Replacement covered under warranty; minus shipping charges. (1) one occurrence per order.
  • Occurrences between 6 months to 1 year – 35% discount (client must repurchase, plus shipping charges* if applicable)
  • After 1 year – 25% discount (client must repurchase, plus shipping charges* if applicable) 

Custom Metal Card Defect (manufacture defect):

Metal-CreditCard.com will warranty the upgraded metal card for the life* of your original, bank-issued plastic card, up to its expiration date, in the case of any manufacturing defects**.

“Life” means: the period until your original, bank-issued card expires.

(EXAMPLE: You order an upgraded metal version of your standard debit card, ending in 3455. It expires 10/17. Your upgraded, metal card from Metal-CreditCard.com will have the same card number (3455) & expiration date (10/17) as your original plastic card. Therefore, the end of your warranty period is 10/17.)

Manufacture Defect Defined:

“Manufacturing defect” means: Magnetic strip is separating from the metal card and is not being read by charge card machines. (Be advised not all card readers are the same; please ensure the consistency of the problem before contacting us).

Note: Inspection of the defective metal card is required prior to the issue of a replacement card. Any replacement under warranty is subject to approval and authorization from Metal-CreditCard.com. (Purchaser is responsible for shipping charges to Laboratory)

After inspection, if found that the magnetic stripe was tampered with, deliberately removed, demagnitized, reprogramed, client has sent in a different replacement plastic card or magnetic stripe is still fully functional, MCC reserves the right to Void the original orders warranty.   

Lost, Damaged or Stolen Cards

Lost, damaged, or stolen cards do not fall under warranty and will not be replaced (including accidental demagnetization of the metal card). 

ATM Machines

If your metal card is taken by an ATM, MCC will require proof from the financial institution. Either an ATM slip indicating the card was withheld or an official letter from your financial institution specifically detailing the ATM error. Without proof, your claim will be considered a “lost card” therefore NOT covered under the free six month warranty, unless the (EPP) extended protection plan was purchased with the original order. 

Extended Protection Plan (EPP) 

Extend the free replacement warranty period from six (6) month to one (1) full year (12 months) or two (2) years (24 months). 

$49 One Year (1) EPP also covers ATM machine loss; no proof required. (1) one occurrence per order. (lost & stolen cards covered)

$89 Two Year (2) EPP covers same as one year; (2) two occurrence per order. 

(EPP must be purchased with original order to qualify for warranty)