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Founded in 2013, is the world’s first service upgrading plastic debit or credit cards to metal. This unique service has introduced a luxury upgrade once reserved for the wealthy and affluent to the general public. We offer several different colors and design options. Most popular is our Custom Engraved Personalized Matte-Black Card option. Allowing the client to work with a dedicated artist to create a custom engraved matte-black card unique to themselves. 

Why use this service? Not only can anyone with a basic plastic credit card or debit card upgrade their card to metal, but at the same time make their card safer. Our Personal Data Protection option is a first of its kind. When clients use our service they can choose to omit their card numbers from the body of the new metal card. Therefore, if the card is stolen or lost, the card numbers can not be used online for malicious or fraudulent intent.

The Stats

According to statistics found at the Nilson Report, newsletter issue 1164, in 2018 the U.S. contributed $9.47 Billion dollars in (debit & credit) card fraud losses or 33.99% of gross card fraud losses worldwide.

The Solution aims to offer clients, around the world, the extra piece of mind that their personal card information is safer; at at the same time offer them the “cool factor” and “air of competence” that one would get with a heavy luxury metal credit card.    


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