About Us

About Us

Founded in 2013, Metal-CreditCard.com is the world’s first service upgrading plastic debit or credit cards to metal. This unique engraving service has introduced a luxury upgrade once reserved for the wealthy and affluent to the general public. 

Many search the internet for Metal Credit Cards or Metal Debit Cards only to find that the banks and credit card companies are charging an arm & leg in fees to own one, or are being turned away because they do not meet the bank “criteria”. Well look no further! Create a custom engraved metal card today.

“Perception is Reality” – Lee Atwater

“Luxury isn’t what you own, it’s how you feel” – Vincent Torres CEO – Metal-CreditCard.com

Our Mission:

To bestow prestige, exclusivity, and clout upon those that wish to create it for themselves.

“Every time you use your new metal card remember YOU create your status in life not the other way around” – Vincent Torres – Founder – Metal-CreditCard.com

What We Are Not…

Metal-CreditCard.com is NOT a Credit Card Company, we are a custom engraving service. We Do NOT offer credit or frequent flyer miles. We offer a custom engraving service to upgrade plastic debit-credit cards to metal by engraving personal designs and basic card information onto blank stainless steel or 24k gold plated stainless steel core magnetic stripe cards.

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Security Features

Why we are better than plastic:

1. No raised lettering. Raised lettering and numbers can easily be carbon copied by a disgruntled employee or a waiter having a bad week. Metal-CreditCard.com cards come with flat engraved lettering. Though it does not stop a person from writing down your card information, it sure does make it a riskier attempt.

2. Did we forget to mention STAINLESS STEEL? All our cards are made of high quality stainless steel. Much more durable than plastic and infinitely more impressive. Our 0.8mm black oxide cards weigh in at a stunning 25 grams; according to our initial research our card is one of the heaviest cards in the world.  

3. As of 05.31.19, clients will have the option to omit card number information from their new metal card upgrade. During the production process the laboratory will not engrave the middle eight (8) numbers or middle five (5) from the card body depending on the card type. This option will enable the card to be functional while the end user performs transactions in public; simultaneously keep their card information safe from would be wrong does looking to copy down card information. Read more about this option HERE. (see example below)

Matte-black card standard template #3 with PDP Personal Data Protection™ applied. 


Metal Credit Card
Custom Metal Credit Card

Made in America

Veteran Owned and Operated from day one.
Metal-CreditCard.com was created in Los Angeles, California. Incorporated & based in Los Angeles County and First Sold in Los Angeles. Now we are available globally.
Each card is prepped, designed, engraved, and packaged in the U.S.

“We want to bring prestige, exclusivity and a little clout to every hard working man or woman in this great country” –

Vincent Torres CEO

Total Secure Protection 

Your information is safe and secure.

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and maintaining your privacy.
We use SSL Technology (Secure Socket Layer) and a 256-bit encryption to protect any personal information you provide to us on our site.
For the security of our clients personal information; Card Data is NEVER Stored (See FAQ) 
SSL 100% Safety Guarantee

SSL 100% Safety Guarantee

Upgraded Premium SSL


Metal Credit Cards… why?

Metal credit cards are and have been held in high prestige for years now by the banks and credit card companies. By their standard if you qualify for one you are doing extremely well for yourself. Owners of metal payment cards have shared with us that the cards bestow a kind of uncanny ability to effortlessly receive better customer service, make for great ice breakers in certain situations and boost self confidence. Those are the intangible residual perks of paying with metal, so why not upgrade?

Answer: Not everyone meets the criteria to rate one. The requirements are too high and/or you’re not elite enough.

Enter Metal-CreditCard.com

Our unique service is hassle free, No Applications and requires No Annual Fees, anyone inclined to own a Custom Metal Card can now do so. Whether you are a Gas Station Attendant, a Teacher, a Small Business owner, a Police Officer or a Fortune 500 CEO we service anyone. Best of all, when you create a Premium Custom Engraved Metal Card with us, it is a true 1:1. Not 1 of 50 million cards and not 1 of 1000 or 100; 1 of 1. You can’t get anymore unique and special than that.


Lost Credit Card? Not Likely…

Remember the last time you lost your credit card? Remember the hassle you had to endure to contact your credit card company, report the card lost, explain why you lost it, wait to receive the new card, and most stressful of all – hope that no one finds it and tries to use it. Well, we can help with that problem…

The Custom Engraved Metal Card you create with us will be so unique to you, so valuable and so precious that you will do your absolute best to NOT lose it. You will find yourself visually double checking your wallet or purse, questioning whether the cashier gave it back to you, and literally watch how people react to it when you hand it to them. It will be your “Precious” because there is no other like it. Fortunately, if you accidentally drop it, the card inherently warns you with a distinct sound. A sound so unique only its owner will know its call. Clink, Clink, Clink!


How It All Started


Vincent Torres, former U.S. Marine, of Los Angeles, California, founded Metal-CreditCard.com while he was working as a bodyguard in Beverly Hills, California.

An employer sent him to retrieve dry-cleaning, and provided him with a credit card. Vincent noticed that the credit card was different, and so did the cashier, upon presentation.

The card was heavy, black and metallic– an obvious symbol of status.

When Vincent returned the card to his employer, he explained that the cashier had been surprised of its weight. His employer simply replied, I am *not* surprised.”

“How do I get one?” Vincent asked.

The pretentious employer responded with a chuckle, “Ha, you can’t, *you* are not elite. *You* are a glorified security guard. *You* will NEVER qualify for a card like this in your life.”

Vincent, then feeling dejected, walked away and returned to his duties without saying a word.

Vincent was then inspired to create the ability for not only the elite, to obtain an Elite Status Card all their own.