Personal Data Protection Option™ (PDP)

Personal Data Protection Option™

Keep your card information safe while using it in public.


The issue to solve.

Over the last few months we’ve learned of several clients being compromised due to malicious actions while they were out & about in public. Some at restaurants, some at bars and some clients at random locations. Each time the same thing happened; the person they handed over their metal card to decided to be an idiot and copy down/steal their card information. Later using that stolen information to commit fraudulent transactions. But why?

One client put it simply, “these dummies just see a heavy metal credit card and think this dude is a baller”. When in reality a vast majority of our clients are normal hard working people that just want a cool metal card. Ultimately MCC warranty covers all our clients for such a circumstance, but we think that’s just not enough.

According to statistics found at the Nilson Report, newsletter issue 1164, in 2018 the U.S. contributed $9.47 Billion dollars in (debit & credit) card fraud losses or 33.99% of gross card fraud losses worldwide.

The New Standard. 

Recently Apple® corporation released their new metal credit card the Apple Card™. It includes, well actually, doesn’t include many of the aspects seen on current credit cards today. As a security measure Apple decided to omit all the visual credit card data from their card. Meaning the card body does not have any numbers, expirations dates, cvc 3 digit codes printed on the card. None. At. All. Apple Card™ user will still be able to find their card information on their iphones if needed.

We think this is brilliant and wanted to take a page out of their playbook to provide our clients with the same kind of security.

The Solution. The PDP option (personal data protection)

The Personal Data Protection™ option is a simple concept to understand. When a new client decides to upgrade their plastic card to metal, they will now have the option to omit a portion of the card information from their new metal card. Meaning during the new metal card production process our laboratory will not engrave the middle eight digits of their card information. Therefore, by not having a portion of the card information visible, a would be wrongdoer would be stopped in their tracks. Potential crisis averted. 

Now many will have questions and we’ve curated a few below: 

  1.  Q. what if I need to use the missing numbers for a manual payment? – Answer. With our service we return the old plastic card. So a client can take note of the missing information. Take a photo of the plastic card, find the omitted information on their mobile banking app or just use a different card. The purpose of the PDP is to safeguard your card information when the card is being used in public. 
  2. Q. what if a merchant does not accept my card because it’s missing card information? – Answer. A merchant has the ability to verify the transaction by reviewing the receipt and matching the last 4 digits of the card. As well as checking the users ID. We do not foresee this being an issue at all.

    match card info last 4 digits
  3. What information “will” be engraved on the card if I choose the PDP option? – Answer. All the basic card information. (see examples below) Card users name, first & last 4 digits of their card number, expiration date, cvc 3 digit code, customer service information and card type logo. 
  4. Can’t someone just guess the missing 8 digits? – Answer. Several attempts to guess the missing information would flag the card information triggering the card to be locked/frozen for suspicious activity. Your card issuer would notify you immediately and issue you a new plastic card. (MCC warranty applicable)   
  5. Can the PDP be applied to any order? – Answer. Yes. The option will be made available site wide 05-31-19. 



Sample Card Images (8 digits omitted)

Personal Data Protection (PDP option) Front


Basic standard back of card layout


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