Yelp Review of the Month

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Hey it’s Vince!

I love hearing great stories from our clients. This one stood out to me particularly because it sheds light on how customer service can change at the drop of a metal credit card. It’s safe to say that the residual benefits are a plus, but you be the judge. Read the full review below. 


(unabridged) YELP Review from Joseph G. of Bakersfield, California. 05.07.2019

I love my metal credit card. The customer service great from the beginning. I emailed a few questions before I even ordered. They answered my email quick. Once i started the process. I got my metal card sooner than expected. I was blown away when I got it. It looks and feels better than what I was expecting.
I’ve had my card for over 5 weeks now. And today I decided to write a review. All I can say is “WOW”. The way people treat is like night and day.
A few experience I’d like to share, My family and I went to a restaurant and we went 40min before they closed. They let us order and served us. As soon as we got the food they gave us the bill and wanted us to pay and take our food to go. I was kind of irritated because we just started eating. Well,The next evening went back to the same restaurant(Only one open in the area at that time) Almost the same time as the night before. Like the night before they served us and gave us the bill and asked to pay to close out. This time I pay with my metal card. They were looking at the card. The waiter(Same as the night before) showed the manager. The manager came back and gave me my card in a nice folded harder, He says, “Thank you Sir, Take your time. We’re in no hurry. If want anything else. Please order”.
This next experience that i’m going to share is funny and cool. We were at a restaurant. The waitress picks up my card. A few minutes later. The hostess comes to the table with a big smile, “I’ve been a manager/hostess for over 16 years. I’ve never seen a black card. Only heard of them. (this blew me away) she said, “May I hug you. I just want to tell people I hugged a guy that has a black card”

This is why I LOVE my metal card. I have a AMex gold card, And my wife has a Amex platinum card(Its also metal). But people seem to respect a metal black more.