Beta EMV Chip Swap™ Procedure

Beta EMV Chip Swap™ Procedure

The Previous Solution

The R-EMV™ (redundant EMV) Chip was successful in allowing clients to use their New Metal Custom Cards (R-EMV chip was not programmed. Original plastic card was left intact). R-EMV™ chip cards were 80% functional. The cards would function anywhere chip cards are not taken. As well as allow the end user to perform the R-EMV™ chip bypass procedure at EMV enabled registers. (R-EMV Chips No Longer Available) 

The New Alternative: Now Available

Update: 05.31.2019

BETA Test: EMV Chip Swap™ Procedure** (the EMV chip from the original plastic card is extracted and implanted to the new metal card; old plastic card is rendered obsolete). New metal card is **100% fully functional. This procedure is available to clients worldwide.

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**Procedure NOT functional with some Card Types (see list below)

  • Plastic Clear Every day Cash, Green, Purple and Gold Express cards are 98% successful with this procedure (small & large chip)
  • Plastic Discover Cards are 98% successful with this procedure (small & large chip) 
  • Plastic Visa & MC are 98.5% successful with this procedure (small & large chip)
  • Magnetic stripe on original plastic card will still be functional. New metal card magnetic stripe will be 100% fully functional

**Semi-Metallic Cards

  • All Semi-metallic cards are 85% successful with this procedure (small & large chip) i.e Sapphire CSP, Amazon metallic credit card, Semi-metallic Platinum or Gold Express cards; Wells Fargo Propel red metallic card, etc. If a semi-metallic card is sent in for production the laboratory will perform the Chip Swap, but the client is reminded of the risk of failure. 15 out every 100 semi-metallic cards fail the chip swap procedure.  
  • **Plastic cards with the RFID/Touch Pass/PayWave logo are 90% successful (see RFID Logo below). This means the chip will function on the new metal card, but the contactless feature is disabled. See FAQ #39 for more detailed information.
  • All Semi-metallic cards with the RFID Contactless Touch Pass/ PayWave logo are 60% successful with this procedure. Meaning the chip will function on the new metal card, but the contactless feature is disabled. 
  • Magnetic stripe on original semi-metallic card will still be functional. New metal card magnetic stripe will be 100% fully functional.  
**RFID Contactless Touch Pass/ PayWave Logo. 


Pricing: $65.00** USD (Beta Test Price)

Construction: 0.8mm/25gr 

Warranty: Standard Warranty Applies (see Warranties). Extended Protection plan now available. 

Small Chip & Large Chip verification: Beta currently services both Small 6 contact point EMV chip types & Large Square (not round) 8 contact point EMV chip types. (See photo below for size reference)

EMV Chip Types

Please Note: Do not add this process to the cart alone unless prompted by customer service. 




BETA Test Disclaimers:

**due the sensitive nature of the chip construction. There is a low possibility of Chip Damage occurring during the EMV Chip Swap procedure. 

**In the off chance of a client’s original EMV chip is damaged during the swap procedure, the client will be notified and asked to request a replacement card from their financial institution/cc company. This will delay the production process.

**Beta EMV Chip Swap™ procedure overall average is 96% Successful, but in the off chance that the chip does not function when a client attempts a transaction; the registers EMV Bypass protocol will take effect; forcing the client to SWIPE the card; thus allowing the client to complete a transaction.

**RFID Contactless Touch Pass/ PayWave Cards are identified by the PayWave Logo seen in the example above.  If your plastic card has this logo printed on it, be aware those types of cards have a 80% rate of success with the Beta EMV Chip Swap Procedure. Meaning the chip functions 100%, but the contactless feature is completely disabled. 

**The laboratory at MCC is perfecting the procedure daily. Rest assured our laboratory techs will apply great care to the construction of your New Metal Credit/Debit Card.

All Beta EMV Chip Swap™ Procedure sales are Final – once the procedure is performed; the original plastic card can not be salvaged.


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