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Can MCC create them?

Updated: 03/22/24


Since our inception, circa 2013, we’ve received thousands of inquiries regarding replica metal credit cards; i.e. requests to design exact replicas of cards like the American Express Centurion aka the “AMEX Black Card”. We’ve created this page specifically for those clients interested in replicas of any luxury card design in the market.


Please read the following entirely: is unable to engrave “exact” replicas of other cards on the market.



We suggest anyone looking for exact replicas to search on Etsy, eBay or other similar online-auction sites. (suggested example search/product link provided. Please note: is not affiliated or associated with eBay or any sellers on eBay. Clicking the link provided is for educational/search purposes only).  

We do offer customizing services here for those clients that need an eBay item customized or programed. Strict rules apply. 

However, MCC highly recommends designing your own custom metal credit card. If interested please continue reading below.


Why MCC can never engrave an “exact” replica?

Nature of Engraving Process

Due to the nature of our engraving process, MCC is unable to reproduce certain design elements/aspects from other card designs. MCC strictly offers flat  2D “laser etching” and “laser marking”. (see video of process here)

For example: we offer a black-oxide coated card that our laser engravers etch into exposing the stainless steel core. We also offer brushed gold and brushed stainless steel cards that we mark with BLACK laser ink. The end results are almost always two dimensional. Three dimensional designs that incorporate a foreground and a background are almost always impossible to recreate or engrave. 

WE DO NOT OFFER ANY OTHER FEATURES. This means, for example, that we cannot engrave colors, we cannot emboss (raised) letters or images, we cannot reproduce complex backgrounds, images, or minuscule lines and lettering. For more information, please review questions 23-31 on our FAQ page.


What can we do?

MCC strictly offers blank, customizable metal cards, that our clients can then create their own custom design with the help of a dedicated artist.

Custom Metal Credit Card artist Eric P. with text
Custom Card Artist Eric P.

You may include design elements from other cards on the market in your own custom artwork design commission with our designers. (see example below)

Custom Metal Credit Cards American Money

Please note: MCC does not offer ready templates of trademarked or copyrighted designs. If you wish to see a particular image or logo on your card, the client must submit it to the artist/designer helping them create their custom card template.




What is the custom design process like?

The design process takes place via email, where a member of our design team will contact you within 12 to 24 hours of placing your order. They will create a mock up template per your written instructions (including image attachments) and forward it to you to review. You will make suggestions and issue instructions until you are satisfied with the design. 

The primary function of the designer is to ensure that your custom artwork template engraves well. Since the inception of our service, circa 2013, our clients have created many different and unique custom engravable artwork templates. Rest assured our dedicated designers will help you create a properly engravable template that meets your satisfaction; as well as meet the specifications for our laboratory production process. You, however, will give final approval! Nothing is engraved until you have signed off on your personalized custom template.

We appreciate your interest in our service!


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