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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


#1 Top question regarding “Replica Metal Credit Cards”

Review that information HERE 


Update: 04/18/2024

1. What is What are you selling?

MCC is a new and unique manufacturer of custom metal credit cards, debit cards, and other kinds of payment cards. Specifically, we upgrade your existing debit or credit card from plastic to metal—that’s it. If you ask your bank about the metal credit cards, they may offer, be prepared to fill out a lengthy credit application, pay exorbitant yearly fees, or be turned down simply because you don’t earn the minimum yearly income (seriously). For those who wish to avoid that hassle and simply get their hands on a unique luxury metal card. MCC is the best and fastest way to make that happen. Upgrade your card status TODAY!


2. What forms of payment do you accept? Do you accept Bitcoin? **Why can’t I pay instantly on your site?

For your convenience, we accepts many popular forms of payment (see below). We are, however, unable to integrate them all during checkout. We accept all major credit cards via PayPal™ guest checkout, Venmo™, Apple Pay™, Bitcoin and Zelle™ mobile bank payments.


3. How safe is your process?

MCC GUARANTEES the SAFETY of your card information or YOUR MONEY BACK!! All payment transactions are only accepted via secure payment applications (PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, Bitcoin) and we are held to Better Business Bureau Standards. As an added safety measure, we require all clients to submit either a frozen/locked or un-activated plastic debit or credit card for maximum security during shipping. We also provide free USPS shipping labels, with tracking, to all clients within the United States. International clients can review our international processing information HERE

Lastly, we offer a FREE comprehensive 180-day warranty; as well as a prorated warranty that covers damaged, malfunctioning and or manufacturing defects. As a veteran owned business, we stand 100% behind our service.


4. Is MCC affiliated with my banking institution?

No, MCC is not affiliated with any banking institutions. MCC is a third-party company. We are similar in concept to custom check companies that make personalized checks (i.e., images bearing landscapes, cartoons, sports teams, Hello Kitty, etc.).


5. I want to place a custom card order. Which option best suits my needs?

On the menu bar above, click on “Order Now”. Then click on the “Custom Engraved Personalized Card” option photo. Scroll down to choose the color of card you wish to customize. Begin your order by filling out Step 1 in the questionnaire. Once your order is submitted and paid, our design teams will reach out to you within 12 to 24 hours to start the design phase of your new metal card.


6. What is your return policy?

STANDARD BASIC CARDS have 30 days from the original purchase date to return your standard basic metal card. After 30 days, all sales are final. Contact: for product return instructions

CUSTOM CARDS are non-refundable.


7. I recently ordered a Custom Engraved Metal Card. What is my return policy? Does my purchase include a warranty?

Due to the nature of the approval process on all Custom Designed Metal Cards, all sales of Custom Engraved Metal Cards are FINAL. However, each card includes a comprehensive warranty. Any issues with a Custom Engraved Metal Card will be handled on a case-by-case basis. MCC assures that each client will be taken care of accordingly. The staff prides itself on providing excellent customer service, ensuring that each client is satisfied with the result of their Custom Card.


8. What does my warranty cover?

Review the entire Warranty Policy HERE.


9. What if I lose my metal card? What do I do?

CONTACT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY. Treat the loss of your metal card as if you had lost your original, bank-issued card. We suggest contacting your bank immediately and discussing what options you must do to protect yourself against fraud. NOTE: All banking institutions monitor member card activity via the 16-digit card number printed on the card—they do not monitor the plastic card itself. Thus, report your bank-issued card as lost or stolen, EVEN IF THE BANK-ISSUED CARD REMAINS IN YOUR POSSESSION. (Some banking institutions even provide real-time fraud alerts.) MCC does not warranty lost or stolen metal cards, unless a 1 year or 2-year Extended Protection Plan is purchased.


10. What happens when my original, bank issued card expires?

Most debit and credit cards expire 2-5 years from date of issuance. Since your new metal card upgrade is based on your pre-existing bank-issued debit or credit card, both would expire at the same time. When you receive a new plastic credit or debit card from your banking institution, contact MCC for a new upgrade. YOUR EXPIRED METAL CARD UPGRADE CANNOT BE RE-ENGRAVED OR REPROGRAMMED. Therefore, you will need to order a new metal card upgrade when you receive your updated plastic debit or credit card. Returning clients do qualify for a 20% discount; please contact customer service for the current discount code.


11. I recently upgraded my card with MCC but my bank just sent me a replacement. Do I have to make another purchase?

Life happens. If your bank issues you a replacement card within the first 6 months of your purchase, we will warranty your purchase and replace your upgraded metal card with the new metal card. Contact to process a warranty claim.


12. I’d like to buy a metal card, but I’m concerned about spending $200+ only to have it deactivated and unusable a few months down the line. How have you guys handled this issue with previous customers?

Over the last 10+ years, MCC has provided warranty solutions to clients who have experienced this situation. Any client experiencing a premature debit or credit card replacement due to fraud will be taken care of on a case-by-case basis. MCC prides itself on providing the best customer service possible. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at to process a claim. Review our Warranty Policy HERE


13. I’m located out-of-state. How long will this process take? What are my shipping options?

We offer several options to process out-of-state orders as quickly as possible. Please visit our Shipping Options Page to review what shipping options are available to all our clients. INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: visit our site HERE for processing instructions.


14. Do you need my ID to verify my order?

No. MCC no longer requires ID verification. MCC now offers a variety of payment platforms like: PayPal™, Zelle™, Apple Pay™, Venmo™ and Bitcoin. Each of these secure platforms performs their own identity verifications.


15. Do I need to send in my physical debit or credit card, or can you send me a black credit card with no numbers?

All customers are required to send in their original bank-issued cards to our laboratory for the following reasons: 1) Verification & matching of the submitted debit or credit card information. 2) programing of the upgraded metal card, EMV Chip Swap™ procedure & quality control. 3) Deterrence of fraud.

NOTE: MCC takes several measures in deterring criminals from using our service to create fraudulent payment cards. Everything from our SSL secure site to our required physical presentation of the original card are all parts of our standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure the identity of each client and the upgrading of their own, personal cards.
MCC will NOT create fake cards with fake numbers, this is against company policy.
MCC will NOT convert one card type to another, i.e., Visa to MC, MC to Visa or Visa to AMEX, Etc. Each metal card will be engraved or marked with the original plastic card(s) information, no exceptions.

To create a functional metal card, all necessary, identifying information and data from your original, bank-issued card must be engraved on and programmed to the upgraded, metal card. THEREFORE: All Orders: must send their physical plastic card into our laboratory for processing.


16. I live out-of-state. Why do I need to send in my debit or credit card? Why can’t I just have my metal card upgrade shipped to me?

There is no way to program your new metal card without sending your original debit or credit card to our processing laboratory. Our process must have physical possession of your original debit or credit card to program the magnetic strip and transplant the EMV chip. Otherwise, your metal card upgrade will not function. As a security measure, all clients are required to send a Frozen or Unactivated card for processing.


17. When I mail in my original plastic card for processing will it be returned to me?

YES! MCC does not retain any client property. Your original credit or debit card will be returned to you in the same package as your upgraded metal card.


18. I’m nervous about sending and receiving my debit or credit card through the mail. What precautions does MCC take when shipping orders to customers? Frankly, I don’t want the mailman knowing there’s a Custom Metal Credit Card inside.

When shipping parcels to clients, MCC NEVER! utilizes the website name on its packages. All parcels are privately labeled and ship from our processing laboratory. The security of our client’s parcel is paramount.

Our P.O. Box is collected twice daily by laboratory supervisors and escorted by armed security. Ultimately, shipping a card via US mail is common practice. The fact is the major banks and financial institutions confidently utilize the mail to deliver cheap plastic cards; evidently it should be safe. Worst case scenario, a parcel is lost. MCC will coordinate with the USPS postal inspector and track down the parcel. If deemed LOST, MCC will inform & instruct the client accordingly to remedy the situation.

Here at MCC we stand behind our service 100%. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As a security measure, all clients are required to send a locked, frozen, or un-activated plastic card for processing.


19. Will my original, bank-issued card still work?

**YES! and no. Your original plastic card will continue to function independently of your upgraded metal card. We offer you this warning, however: Your old card will fall into disuse because You Are Going To Want To Use Your New Metal Card Everywhere! We recommend keeping your old plastic card in a safe place as a backup for those times when you don’t feel like showing off your upgraded metal card. ** EMV Chip Swap™ orders will have the active chip removed from their original plastic card; therefore, rendering the plastic card obsolete.


20. I want to upgrade my debit card. Will my PIN number still work with the new metal card?

YES! Your new metal card will have the same embedded information that is on your plastic card, so nothing changes. You can use it in ATMs and debit machines as normal.


21. I am ordering from within Florida do I fall under “Out-Of-State processing”?

Yes. If you are in Florida, simply choose the Free Shipping option. MCC will email you a FREE priority USPS label to process your order. The average full turnaround is less than 7 business days.


22. Do you have a Corporate Showroom or local pickup location?

No, MCC does not offer a local showroom or pickup location. All orders are processed via the mail.


23. How many upgraded metal cards can I order?

You may place as many orders as you like for each bank-issued credit or debit card you wish to upgrade. You will submit each original, bank-issued card as an individual order.


24. How does the Custom Engraved Card design process work?

When you purchase a Custom Engraved Metal Card, the order form is forwarded to our third-party design team. The design team is allotted 12 to 24 hours to contact you via email to begin the design phase. You will communicate directly with the design team, via email, to instruct them toward your design vision/idea. You are encouraged to collaborate with our designers by submitting written instructions and visual aids, such as hand drawings, sketches, vector images, and photos, using these file types: SVG, Ai., CDR, EPS, and PNG. The design team will create PDF renders approximating your design. These PDF renders will be emailed to you to review. You may suggest edits, tweaks, or new directions, and then send them back to your designer. Once you are satisfied with your design, you will give final approval.

Be aware, commissioned artwork can take anywhere from 2 or 4 business days up to 2 weeks to complete. The design team will not submit any artwork to the production laboratory for engraving without your, the client’s, written approval. Once the production laboratory has received your approved design, the image will be engraved on a new metal card. The metal card upgrade will then be programed with your original plastic card information; if the EMV Chip Swap™ procedure was purchased, that too will be completed in the laboratory before shipping the finalized product back to the client.


25. Is there a limit to what your designers can do in terms of customization?

Some restrictions do apply. MCC cannot apply colors, shading, and some backgrounds to our metal cards, and we are unable to create “exact replicas” of current or popular debit and credit card designs. Ultimately, throughout the design phase of a Custom Engraved/Marked Metal Card process, the design team will inform you about possibilities and limitations regarding your prospective design request. (Read on for more information regarding the possibilities and limitations of custom metal card designs.)

We accept/prefer Ai, EPS, SVG, PNG and CDR files. This will make the creation of commissioned artwork that much smoother. JPEG Files DO NOT WORK well with our design team software; do not send them. If the artwork file/image is more than 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels/resolution go ahead and submit. If less than 1000px x 1000px do not send it.

If you cannot articulate your idea(s) we recommend Google searching for images, please use the term “Vector” in the search; this will help yield the proper resolution needed to engrave the desired image.

Example Search: Sad Clown Face Vector; dragon tattoo Vector; bank logo Vector.

Black & White vectors work best with the artwork design process; be aware the card creation/engraving process does not and cannot engrave in color. Artwork that incorporates “color” will be rejected or modified.

Try this site: they have great vector artwork for sale. You can purchase the raw artwork files to send our teams high resolutions images to save time.



26. I noticed on the sample photos that you don’t have logos for Visa, MasterCard, etc. Will my upgraded metal card include the appropriate logo?

Yes. When placing your order, type into the order form the “Card Type” name. MCC production laboratory will ensure the engraving of all necessary information so that your new card will function properly.


27. Am I able to create a duplicate design of my current credit or debit card for engraving on a metal card upgrade?

Technically, no. MCC creates approximations of your design vision; we do not duplicate credit or debit card designs used by banking institutions. The reason is, engraving on a metal card is nothing like printing on a plastic card. MCC strictly uses laser marking and engraving techniques to create images and designs. We do not print colors; we do not include holographic or “three-dimensional” images. We adhere strictly to laser engraving and marking. MCC does, however, strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with laser engraved designs. When you select the Custom Engraved Metal Card option or the 24k Gold Plated Card option, you are given access to our exclusive design teams, who are well trained in the capabilities of our equipment and what is possible to produce. The goal of the design teams at MCC is to create a unique card design catered directly to your design vision. Ultimately, our design teams will gladly create any design to your written specifications and instructions. Clients are also encouraged to submit photos and/or illustrations of the concept they would like to design, to better assist our designers during the card design phase. Our designers can approximate most all submitted artwork, but to those clients with aspirations toward an “exact copy” of an existing bank-card design, they will be disappointed.


28. Can I order an “exact copy” of the AMEX Centurion, Mastercard Black Card, or any other luxury metal card? I’ll pay more if need be! (Actual client request)

Review that information HERE


29. In the example images for Standard Templates, I see the words DEBIT and CREDIT engraved/marked on the cards. Does my card have to include these labels?

No! Standard template designs come with the option to omit the “Debit Card” and “Credit Card” identifiers. In the drop-down menu, simply select “No Not Label Credit or Debit”. If selected, your new, upgraded card will not contain the words Debit or Credit, front or back.


30. I am interested in designing a Custom Metal Credit Card with my initials engraved in color on the bottom right-hand side of the card. Is this possible?

We can engrave initials, letters, etc. onto your Custom Metal Credit Card. However, we do not engrave in color. Our engraving process results vary; matte-black card engraving results in a golden-bronze finish. This is a natural byproduct of the metal card’s surface material. Review our sample images here.


31. Can I submit my own font for the design team to place on my card?

Yes! MCC designers recommend visiting Choose a font from their vast library and inform your designer, and they will be happy to download/purchase it on your behalf and include it with your design.


32. Questions about how the materials and construction of our metal cards compare to other luxury cards on the market:

How do each of these cards compare to, let’s say, Chase Sapphire or Mastercard Black Card?

Chase Sapphire Preferred – blue epoxy coating/shell, stainless steel core: 12 grams.

Mastercard Black Card – Patented black-PVD-coated metal card—weighing 22 grams.

American Express “Centurion” – anodized titanium and weighs almost 14 grams. 0.8mm Matte-Black card – stainless steel core, black oxide coating: 25 grams.


33. Will I have any trouble swiping my metal card or using the ATM?

We have not received any complaints about card thickness being an issue when swiping or inserting into any ATM or payment terminal. We have learned, however, that cards offered from other manufacturers, namely, the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Ritz Carlton Black, tend to stick in SQUARE readers for iPads.


34. Do you offer Military | Law Enforcement | Veteran DISCOUNTS?

YES! Absolutely! Being an organization founded by a U.S. Military veteran, MCC takes great pride in offering a discount to all members of our Armed Forces. A 20% discount code will be authorized and sent to you, once MCC receives a redacted cell phone photograph of any of the following forms of proof: Submit the redacted photograph to

Redacted valid government-issued ID/DL with Veteran Status identifier
Redacted DD214 or Active duty orders (orders must match the name on the order form)
Redacted valid VA card
Redacted law enforcement CAC card
Expired state issued ID or DL card with “veteran” Identifier (please redact ID/DL numbers)
Expired VA card

Please note: MCC does not allow discount stacking or the use of more than one (1) discount code per order.


35. The debit or credit card I want to upgrade contains an EMV chip. How will that affect the functionality of my new metal card?

MCC creates functional luxury engraved metal credit and debit cards. Your new metal card upgrade will function when swiped at a payment terminal or inserted into an ATM. As of August 2016, MCC has successfully upgraded EMV chip enabled debit credit cards. To learn more about that process please click HERE.


36. If the card I want to upgrade has an EMV chip, will I be forced to purchase the EMV chip swap™ service?

Yes, the functionality of your new metal card upgrade will be severely limited. Therefore, if your bank-issued card includes an embedded EMV chip, we strongly recommend adding our EMV Chip Swap™ procedure to your metal card order.

Why? Many of our clients end up carrying ONLY their new metal cards. Thus, if you happen to visit a merchant requiring EMV payments and you attempt to use a metal card upgrade without a chip, the transaction will be unable to be completed. By transplanting your active EMV Chip to your metal card upgrade, you will be able to complete your transaction as normal. The benefit of this is, you do not have to carry around your original, bank-issued card as a backup.


37. I’m sorry, I’m still confused about how EMV Chip Swap works? Can you explain this in more detail?

Many clients have the misconception that if you skip/omit the EMV chip transplant option, a metal card upgrade will swipe like a non-EMV chipped card. That is far from the truth.

Normal Transactions: If you swipe your EMV chip-enabled card at a payment terminal, you are immediately prompted to insert your EMV chip into the machine. This is because all payment terminals are triggered by the information programmed in the bank card’s magnetic strip; letting the machine know it has a chip.

When MCC creates a new metal card, all the original plastic card information is programed to the new metal cards magnetic stripe. Thus, when you swipe your new metal card at a payment terminal, the terminal will force you to insert the EMV chip linked to the magnetic strip. If your metal card upgrade does NOT have the EMV Chip Swap™ performed on it, you will simply be unable to complete the transaction with that merchant. Therefore, the new metal card (without a chip) will only function at locations where the chip card is not required by the merchant. i.e., Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, lounges, etc.


38. How can you guys assure new customers that their personal credit card numbers aren’t saved to your database for any reason?

Regarding MCC Security Protocols:

• We DO NOT ALLOW client card information to be inputted during online checkout; instead MCC allows clients to choose their preferred payment app service after their order is submitted. (PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, Bitcoin) or request a dedicated private invoice to be emailed to them.
• We strive to meet or exceed PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) in maintaining a secure environment.
• We employ SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security on our website, the same level of encryption corporate banking institutions uses to protect client information.
• All metal card upgrades are performed on work terminals that are disconnected from the internet. Thus, client personal card information is protected from unauthorized remote access.
• Access to data transfer terminals is password encrypted, and access to data-transfer software is also password encrypted.
• Our data transfer terminals are designed to transfer and never store any card information.
• Access to data transfer terminals is limited to authorized laboratory management.
• Access to customer purchase order information is password encrypted.
• Our production laboratory is undisclosed to the public.
• Third-party custom card design teams have No Access to any client personal card information whatsoever.
• MCC Internal communications LAN (Local Area Network) is password encrypted & monitored 24/7/365.

MCC takes the protection of client personal information to a level normally applied to a small financial institution. Clients can rest assured that their personal card information is safe.


39. When swiping, since the card is constructed of metal, will there be signs of scratches on the card surface?

Due to the nature of the material and inherent byproduct of swiping/dipping any type of payment card through a card machine, our cards too will show signs of wear & tear. Scuffing is inevitable. Yet, the coating/plating used to create our cards are “permanent” and would require deliberate action to remove. Thankfully, MCC does offer a comprehensive warranty in the event a card shows signs of manufacture defect. See our warranty policy HERE.


40. What forms of payment do you accept? Do you accept Bitcoin? **Why can’t I pay instantly on your site?

For your convenience, MCC accepts many popular forms of payment (see below). We are, however, unable to integrate them all during checkout. We accept all major credit cards via PayPal™ guest checkout, Venmo™, Apple Pay™, Bitcoin and Zelle™ mobile bank payments.


41. Regarding RFID/PayWave/Contactless TAP feature, is the 2% fail rate you state on your site related to the PayWave function or the entire card? Will 2% of the card not work at all, not even with swipe or chip insert? Please elaborate.

Answer: RFID / PayWave / Contactless / TAP Feature Is Disabled. Due to Antenna disconnection. (see image) 

debit credit card antenna
debit credit card antenna

Plastic Cards with the PayWave/RFID/TAP feature can be INSERTED or TAPPED on a point of sale machine (POS).

We have found that due to our transplant procedure, EMV chips that incorporate the PayWave/RFID/TAP feature fail COMPLETELY (insert & TAP) 2% of the time. Meaning on average 2 chips fail completely out of 100 transplants; equaling our 98% success rate. Keep in mind the magnetic stripe (swipe) is 100% fully functional.

Again, plastic cards with EMV chips without the PayWave/RFID/TAP feature have a higher success rate; nearly 100%.

If you place an order and submit a plastic card with the PayWave/RFID/TAP feature, and IF the chip transplant procedure fails “completely”, your order includes a comprehensive warranty. Click HERE to review it. 

Again, RFID / PayWave / Contactless / TAP Feature Is Disabled: and not covered under warranty. 


42. I read that I need to send in an un-activated/frozen card. My card will be expiring this year, but if I do this conversion process, I will look into requesting an early replacement card. So, when I get the new plastic un-activated card in the mail, I would place my order and send you that un-activated card? I’m guessing I then activate it when I receive it back in metal form.

Answer: Requesting a new plastic card serves two purposes; 1. a new un-activated card to securely ship to our facility. If lost in the mail, it is just that, an un-activated plastic card. 2. a longer expiration date. Meaning the new metal card would expire father down the line.
Yes, correct, once you received everything back, you would simply activate the card information. The issuer will never know that the card has been upgraded to metal. They have no means of tracking the material, only the card information.


43. So, assuming you clone the strip from the plastic into the metal and transfer the chip to the metal, will it respond as if it it’s exact plastic version, though ATMs etc.? If I am traveling and call my bank to put a travel notice on my debit card, they would be able to find my debit card (metal version) no problem?

Answer: The new metal card (not 24k gold) would respond like normally at ATMs; even without the RFID/Contactless feature. If the plastic card you submit for production includes the RFID/Contactless feature it will be disabled on the metal card. Due to the integrated copper antenna wiring inside the plastic card, those wires cannot be transplanted. Your bank does not track the material of your card, only the information/data. So, when you call them to freeze or place travel notices, they will not be aware of any changes to the card’s material.


44. Designing – It looks like for my custom design; I would be contacted by an artist team member. I am interested in replicating my American Express like design for my Golden Metal Debit card. Would they be able to find the logo for me like the guy’s face that is typically in the center of the card? And since everything is custom laser engraved, would I be able to describe font text position and basic info on the back?

Answer: Our legal response to the “replica” question can be found HERE
To further answer your question, you are free to design whatever you like within artwork restrictions. Those restrictions are simple. If the design teams deem your concept too complex to engrave, they will inform you and work with you to design a custom template that meets your liking and the engraving standards for our laboratory. Nothing is off-limits, but it is the responsibility of the client to research the initial artwork concept.


45. Design question: after describing my custom card ideas, would the artist send me a front and back proof of the card before it goes to production? Would I have the right to send him revisions if the first draft isn’t exactly as I described it? How long does this take?

Answer: Our artwork process is unique. Our design teams have NO TIME LIMITS. They can work with you until you approve the artwork that will be engraved on to your new metal card. They will submit to you PDF samples of your desired artwork commission. You will then go back and forth trading instructions and ideas, until you are satisfied with your design. Then and only then will the design teams forward your approved artwork to the laboratory for production.



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