Custom Metal Credit Cards

Custom Metal Credit Cards

Upgrade Any Plastic Debit|Credit Card to Metal

No Applications | No Annual Fees

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Trust us when we say you’ll never want to lose it -Vincent Torres CEO


What is

We are the world’s first service upgrading plastic debit & credit cards to metal. As well as the only service of its kind accredited by the California BBB. 

Our specialty is Custom Engraved Metal Cards. Our service offers clients, with the help of trained artists, the option to personally design a custom made extension of their existing debit or credit card.

Once the artwork is created & approved it is then laser engraved into a stainless steel metal card. The new metal card magnetic stripe is then linked to the original plastic debit|credit card the client has sent in to upgrade. And lastly, the active EMV Chip, from the plastic card, is transplanted into new metal card.

Upon completion, both cards are then returned to the client within *2 to 3 business days. helps clients create the Best Credit Card or Debit Card they have ever owned. By upgrading any plastic, no annual fees, card they already own clients can enjoy the best of both worlds. A luxury metal credit card with no *annual fees.

Our Service Is 100% Secure

order now metal credit cards

All clients are required to send an unactivated or frozen card for processing. Clients have the option to request an unactivated replacement card from their bank. Most importantly, we do this to ensure the security of all our clients card information while in transit to our processing laboratory. 

Why Get a Metal Credit Card? 

Owning a metal credit card or metal debit card exudes an air of status. Here at we are firm believers that: You create your own status in the way you present yourself. Drop (lightly!) a metal card on the counter of any establishment and gauge the customer service. We are certain you will experience a difference.

order now metal credit cards

Why Upgrade Your Plastic Card to Metal?

There are plenty of reasons why, first of all durability. Clients will never snap a debit card in half again. 

Exclusivity; we are not saying Luxury Metal Credit Cards do not exist, they do, but they are generally not a purchasable upgrade. A perfect example: The American Express Centurion with a $7,000 initial annual fee and an estimated 100k users in the United States. The card is somewhat exclusive. 

Other luxury cards do exist. So expect the following. For instance, an application process. As well as a credit check, an asset check, a background check and possibly a prostate check.  

With you create a custom metal card with your own personal flare. Making it one-of-a kind. Card durability, exclusivity, and perceived status all seem like great reasons why you should upgrade from plastic. Don’t you think? We do. 




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*Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.