Metal Credit Card Manufacture Leaving California

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Metal Credit Card Manufacture Leaving California Sunshine state here we come.   MCC production laboratory will be closed from 11/07/20 thru 11/15/20. MCC will open a NEW Production Facility in the Tampa area, Florida on 11/16/20   Why are we moving? We would be remised if we did not disclosed that COVID-19 was a factor. We learned much during these last few months of economic shutdown in California.  California is becoming […]

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apple metal credit card

A New Era of Credit Card Security – Apple Card™

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Has Apple® changed the game of credit card security? With the new metal Apple Credit Card poised to release this summer; is it safe to say a new era of credit card security is upon us? We pose this question based on a few facts we already know about the new Apple Card™. The following information is NOT found on the new Apple card: Omitted expiration date No card numbers […]

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How do I get a metal credit card?

Posted on amex centurion

How do I get a metal credit card? By Vincent Torres – CEO “How do I get a metal credit card?” Definitely a question we answer a few dozen time a day. Yet, without being biased toward any particular metal credit card option, I have written this blog post. Hopefully, to help those of you that are not yet ready to upgrade your cheap plastic credit cards to metal.  I’ll […]

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