Metal Credit Card Manufacture Leaving California

Metal Credit Card Manufacture Leaving California

Sunshine state here we come.


MCC production laboratory will be closed from 11/07/20 thru 11/15/20. MCC will open a NEW Production Facility in the Tampa area, Florida on 11/16/20  

Why are we moving?

We would be remised if we did not disclosed that COVID-19 was a factor. We learned much during these last few months of economic shutdown in California. 

  • California is becoming more and more unfriendly for small businesses. Further developing our business model in California is no longer a SMART business decision. The attempts by the state legislator to raise property taxes is just one of many example of how unfriendly California is toward small businesses. The potential trickle down effect of higher rents for commercial and industrial properties will not allow small business like MCC to expand and thrive.    
  • During these past months, we spoke with hundreds of clients from around the US; and as much as they really want a “BADASS” metal credit card, they are not willing to be without their personal cards for an extended length of time. Even more potential clients expressed concerns of how “far” our facilities are from their home state.  

Our Solution…

Evacuate California. 

  • By moving to the “Sunshine State” we are able to FASTER service those clients in the Midwest, Golf coast, East coast & Canada. All the while continue to quickly service our dedicated clients on the West coast. 
  • Florida ranks 3rd in “friendliest state toward small businesses” by the Small Business Council.
  • In Florida, MCC will be able to expand our branding and in the near future be able to offer exclusive business services & production options. 

From our humble beginnings in 2013, we knew that the Custom Metal Credit Card business model would become much more than just a way to get a cool metal card. We are confident that this new chapter in our business journey will be beneficial to not only MCC, but to our dedicated clients as well. 


We appreciate your understand & patience while we accomplish this milestone. 

– MCC Executive Staff