Metal Credit Card Manufacture Leaving California

Metal Credit Card Manufacture Leaving California Sunshine state here we come.   MCC production laboratory will be closed from 11/07/20 thru 11/15/20. MCC will open a NEW Production Facility in the Tampa area, Florida on 11/16/20   Why are we moving? We would be remised if we did not disclosed that COVID-19 was a factor. We learned much during these last few months of economic shutdown in California.  California is becoming […]

Client Testimonial from Los Angeles, California

Client Testimonial from Los Angeles, California   Subject: Just received by custom metal credit card  Received my custom metal credit card,   Wanted to say, how beautifully crafted, unique and authentic this came out! Better than the leading brands of market cards.    I pray you guys will be going strong , leading metal upgrades for many generations!    Excited to renew my new issued credit and debit cards within […]

Client Testimonial from Canada

Client Testimonial from Canada Subject: Great Product Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your product and customer service has exceeded my expectations I recently upgraded my plastic AMEX to a metal one and, of course, it got compromised about two months after I received it. MCC gladly provided me a warranty replacement at no charge and in a very timely manner. The card itself is of very […]

Personal Data Protection Option™ (PDP)

Personal Data Protection Option™ Keep your card information safe while using it in public.   The issue to solve. Over the last few months we’ve learned of several clients being compromised due to malicious actions while they were out & about in public. Some at restaurants, some at bars and some clients at random locations. Each time the same thing happened; the person they handed over their metal card to […]