Blog post: Unveiling the Cons of the Credit and Debit Card Tap Feature

The Hidden Pitfalls of Tap-and-Go Payments Unveiling the Cons of the Credit and Debit Card Tap Feature   The convenience of contactless payments has revolutionized the way we transact daily, with the tap-and-go feature of credit and debit cards becoming increasingly popular. While the ease and speed of simply tapping your card to make a purchase is undeniably appealing, there are significant downsides to this technology that often go unnoticed. […]

Metal Credit Cards vs. Plastic Credit Cards: Which Should You Choose?

Metal Credit Cards vs. Plastic Credit Cards: Which One Should You Choose? In the world of credit cards, a noticeable shift has occurred as metal credit cards have gained popularity. Traditionally, credit cards were made of plastic, but now “metal” credit cards are making a mark with their premium feel and added benefits. If you’re considering which type of card to choose, understanding the differences between metal and plastic credit […]


DiamondPower™ Metal Cards The DiamondPower™ card distinguishes between natural and lab-grown/synthetic diamonds, making it a unique offering in the credit card market. Owners can upgrade existing bank-issued cards to 100% metal. This way, owners can retain their existing bank benefits while enjoying additional perks available exclusively to DiamondPower™ cardholders.

Metal credit cards and how they’ve changed customer service behavior

An essay by Vincent Torres – CEO Metal credit cards have been around for quite some time, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve gained popularity among the masses. These cards are made with metal instead of the usual boring plastic, and they offer several benefits that have changed customer service behavior significantly.   First of all, metal credit cards have created a new level of exclusivity and […]

Royal Lion Metal Credit Card

Royal Lion Metal Credit Card A Laser Ready™ design by Our Royal Lion Metal Credit Card design is a new addition to a growing pool of unique custom metal card designs for calendar year 2022. The concept is based on a simple two dimensional lion face with a crown. The final touches were the subdued shield in a grayscale pixelated engraving and solid roman border engraving. The design can […]