Client Testimonial from: Temple, Texas, USA

Client Testimonial from: Temple, Texas, USA I received my card in the mail a week or so ago and it is super amazing! I tested the chip and magnetic strip at major retail stores and gas stations and they both work exactly as my original card would. The chip swap is definitely the way to go. I highly recommend it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the card already. I […]

BETA EMV Chip Swap™ Procedure

BETA MCC EMV Chip Swap™ Procedure Necessity is the mother of invention – Unknown Since October of 2015, MCC has been hard at work developing a software interface to link a client’s old EMV chip to a New EMV Chip; this work continues today. Along with thousands of requests for a fully functioning EMV chip card has been the question “why can’t I just remove my old chip and install […]

Client Testimonial from Houston Texas

Client Testimonial from Houston Texas From: Manuel T. from HOUSTON TX Subject: Fairly Pleased! Message Body: I am quite impressed with the card. Very satisfied with the weight and design. There is just a couple of issues that I’ve experienced. Please accept this testimonial as constructive. Unfortunately, it took one swipe of the card for it to be damaged. With every use the card receives new (glossy black) scratches from the […]