EPP – Extended Protection Plan Update

Extended Protection Plan Update Over the last year, some of our clients have experienced the loss of their metal cards through an ATM machine. Previous MCC policy was ATM loss without written proof was considered a “lost” card; therefore not covered under warranty. As for 03/04/19 that policy has changed. (see below) as of 03/04/19, MCC (EPP) Extended Protection Plan will cover under warranty, without written proof, the loss of […]

Lost Credit Cards? Not Likely

Lost Credit Cards? Not Likely… Remember the last time you lost your credit card? Remember all the hassle you had to endure to contact your credit card company, report the card lost, explain why you lost it, wait to receive the new card, and most stressful of all – hope that no one finds it and tries to use it. Well we can help with that problem. The Custom Card you create […]

INSIDE EDITION Investigates Electronic Pickpocketing

This report is from 2011 and even today still holds true. Big banks and credit card companies think this tech is safe… it isn’t. Take a look for yourself. RFID or “smart chip” technology is not hacker proof. This is yet another reason why our clients turn to Metal-CreditCard.com to upgrade their cards. It isn’t just for the look and feel anymore it’s about your security. – VET INSIDE EDITION Investigates […]