Lost Credit Cards? Not Likely

custom metal black card, metal credit card

Lost Credit Cards? Not Likely…

Remember the last time you lost your credit card? Remember all the hassle you had to endure to contact your credit card company, report the card lost, explain why you lost it, wait to receive the new card, and most stressful of all – hope that no one finds it and tries to use it. Well we can help with that problem. The Custom Card you create with us will be so unique to you, so valuable and so precious that you will do your absolute best to NOT lose it. You will find yourself visually double checking your wallet or purse, questioning whether the cashier gave it back to you, and literally watch how people react to it when you hand it to them. It will be your “Precious” because there is no other like it. Fortunately, if you accidentally drop it, the card inherently warns you with a distinct sound. A sound so unique only its owner will know its call. Clink! Clink! Clink!