Client Testimonial 01/15/2015

custom metal credit card

Skepticism is and was expected when we first launched In the beginning, there was not a day we did not get an inquiry asking us “Are you guys for real?”… Our answer is blatant. YES! We are 100% real and our goal is to provide the best customer service experience possible to each client we serve. Our process is new and unheard of, but much like when non-bank issued personalized checks were introduced to the general public earning client trust would take a while. Ultimately we are prepared for the long haul.

We currently post all our client testimonials on our site. But periodically we will post them here. We hope this encourages more potential clients to visit our site and to read all the submissions. Here is a perfect example of the kind of service we provide. Our cards have a residual benefit that every user so far can vouch for.  – VET

This is the first time I have wrote a “review” about any purchase and or product in a few years. This business ” Eleet Status, Inc” truly has a unique product. I actually came across the website when looking at a credit card application, and behold I have nothing but the best to say about my purchase. I reside in IL , so I took advantage of the “out of state” purchase option and at first I was hesitant at actually sending in my credit card but in the end I am glad I did. I used my card 3 times thus far since I opened the package and can vouch for the other reviews; This card is truly a conversation starter. All three clerks were feeling my card saying it was very heavy and just stared at me in awe as they handed the card back. Would I recommend this to friends or buy again? Yes and I shall! PS. From one service member to another; Thanks again! You have my business.
Name:James Mullen – Springfield IL