Customer Service Encounter #145

custom metal black card, metal credit card

Bonjour tout le monde!! I know I’m a month late on wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but better late than never. Right?

I recently visited a local food establishment close to my home in Orange County California and I was taken back by the customer service. This wasn’t Hooter’s or an expensive restaurant. It was a small mom & pop pizzeria.

I’ve been craving some genuine home-made style pizza and I recalled that I’ve visited a place close to home about three month ago. So I stopped in to place my order.
How the cashier treated me blew me away…

When I walked in there was a couple at the counter ahead of me, so I stood behind them. When It was my turn to order the young lady looked up and greeted me with a massive smile and a hearty.. “Good evening sir, what can I get you this time”.
I thought to myself “this time” does she remember me?
I said “I’ll have a large pepperoni pizza and can you please cut it into sixteen slides, thanks”.
“No problem sir” she replied again with a huge smile on her face.

I sat down next to the couple, that were also waiting for their order and I began to wonder why the cashier said “this time” and why the big smile. Did she remember me from the last time I was here. How? Why? Or am I just thinking too much into it. At that moment, I overheard the couple next to me mumble between themselves something that sounded like “we didn’t get greeted like that” and they looked over at me and smiled. I am pretty sure that’s what I heard them say, so I just smiled back. Whatever, I thought, maybe I just remind her of someone she knows. A few minutes later my order was ready.

I stepped to the counter and the young lady said “that’ll be $8.06 sir, are you paying cash or card” I replied “card”, opened my wallet and pulled out my Custom Black Debit Card. Handed it to her and she said “I knew it was you I just wasn’t sure. I remember your card. This thing is so freak’n cool” She declared. She then ran my card and gave me my receipt. Then she began to almost panic trying to remember what other things to offer me before I left with my pizza. She stuttered and stammered “do you need extra napkins, would you like any crushed peppers I can grab some from the back, would you like a delivery menu….uh uh uh.. how about some dipping sauce?” I declined her offers, but It was apparent that she was doing her best to serve me the only way she knew how. By providing great customer service. I didn’t see her do that with the couple before me or even with the customers after me. She just remembered that I have a very unique card and it was “freak’n cool”.

It is safe to say that there are some residual customer service benefits to using a metal card, even more so if its black. – VET