EPP – Extended Protection Plan Update

Extended Protection Plan Update

Over the last year, some of our clients have experienced the loss of their metal cards through an ATM machine. Previous MCC policy was ATM loss without written proof was considered a “lost” card; therefore not covered under warranty. As for 03/04/19 that policy has changed. (see below)

  • as of 03/04/19, MCC (EPP) Extended Protection Plan will cover under warranty, without written proof, the loss of a clients metal card via an ATM machine. 
  • as of 03/04/19 MCC (EPP) Extended Protection Plan pricing will update to $75.00 USD


Extended Protection Plan (EPP) 

Extend the Free Replacement Period from Six (6) Month to a Full Year (12 months); EPP also covers ATM machine loss; no proof required. (1) one occurrence per order. 

(EPP must be purchased with original order to qualify)


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