Personal Data Protection Option™ (PDP)

Personal Data Protection Option™ Keep your card information safe while using it in public.   The issue to solve. Over the last few months we’ve learned of several clients being compromised due to malicious actions while they were out & about in public. Some at restaurants, some at bars and some clients at random locations. Each time the same thing happened; the person they handed over their metal card to […]

How to protect your metal credit cards

How to protect your metal credit cards Just a few tips and tricks By Vincent T.  CEO| Updated: 01/03/19 We’ve definitely learned a thing or two, over the last 6 years in business, about how to protect your metal credit cards from being compromised. Are these methods fool proof? In practice, the short answer is Yes.   Tip #1 Stop paying at the gas pump Gas stations “pumps” are notorious for being […]

INSIDE EDITION Investigates Electronic Pickpocketing

This report is from 2011 and even today still holds true. Big banks and credit card companies think this tech is safe… it isn’t. Take a look for yourself. RFID or “smart chip” technology is not hacker proof. This is yet another reason why our clients turn to to upgrade their cards. It isn’t just for the look and feel anymore it’s about your security. – VET INSIDE EDITION Investigates […]