Personal Data Protection Option™ (PDP)

Personal Data Protection Option™ Keep your card information safe while using it in public.   The issue to solve. Over the last few months we’ve learned of several clients being compromised due to malicious actions while they were out & about in public. Some at restaurants, some at bars and some clients at random locations. Each time the same thing happened; the person they handed over their metal card to […]

A New Era of Credit Card Security – Apple Card™

Has Apple® changed the game of credit card security? With the new metal Apple Credit Card poised to release this summer; is it safe to say a new era of credit card security is upon us? We pose this question based on a few facts we already know about the new Apple Card™. The following information is NOT found on the new Apple card: Omitted expiration date No card numbers […]

Apple’s new metal credit card resource information

Apple’s new metal credit card Is it worth it?  Here is the basic information. Provided by Angelo via Instagram @paidwithpoints | Youtube Channel @paidwithpoints. Angelo provides information on Travel hacks and new credit card reviews.    Enter Angelo – Apple Pay now has a whole new meaning. Launching this summer, APPLE NOT A BANK, has created its own credit card! . Issued by Goldman Sachs ? Mastercard ? No Annual […]