How to protect your metal credit cards

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How to protect your metal credit cards

Just a few tips and tricks

By Vincent T.  CEO|

Updated: 01/03/19

We’ve definitely learned a thing or two, over the last 6 years in business, about how to protect your metal credit cards from being compromised. Are these methods fool proof? In practice, the short answer is Yes.  

Tip #1 Stop paying at the gas pump

Gas stations “pumps” are notorious for being hacked by thieves to gain access to a plethora of card information. Just google “how do gas station pumps get hacked” and see for yourself. It’s a sophisticated practice. It’s probably all ready happened to you or someone you know. It actually happened to me a few weeks ago; hence why I’m writing this post.

compromised gas pump/broken seal

A quick web search will reveal that WiFi signals at pumps get intercepted, devices known as card skimmers are placed inside the pumps to capture your data when you swipe your card, broken tamper proof seals, and the list goes on. Ultimately, paying at the pump is risky business. 



Alway look for broken seals or mismatched seals.

But people always ask me, how do the pumps “get” compromised? Easy. Think about it for a second. Someone has to replace the receipt paper inside the machine right? So the gas station owner hires a certified company to service the pumps weekly or whenever they need to be serviced. My advice, always look for broken security seals (photos here) or mismatched seals; that how you can identify a compromised gas pump. 



The lesser expensive way to service the pumps is by having their employees change the receipt paper. That means that someone has access to the card reader inside of the pump; multiple times a week. This practice creates a window of opportunity for a would be thief. Alway look for broken seals or mismatched seals. 

The solution: pay inside where the card readers are less likely to be tampered with. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Below are a few choice articles:

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Hackers should be pumped about gas station security flaws


Long story short, Stop Paying At The Pump. 

Pay inside. Grab a coke and some peace of mind. 


Tip #2 Block your credit card RFID signal

Why should you do this? 

In a few words it’s called: RFID Skimming and it’s a new form of pickpocketing.

It’s where thieves use sophisticated equipment to gain access to your credit cards mini RFID Signal. Kind of like Wifi but on a much smaller scale. RFID credit cards are also branded as touchless or contactless credit cards. The signal is read by a device at close proximity. How close? The device needs to be very close, like just a few inches away. 

How likely is it that someone will electronically pickpocket you?  We don’t know, but we sure don’t want to find out. So we found a few inexpensive solutions to help stop this potential threat. RFID Credit Card Blocking Sleeves and Wallets.


Final Thoughts

By incorporating these tips you can greatly reduce the chances of having your credit cards compromised. Thus reducing the hassle of dealing with the card companies to get a new plastic card and refute charges. 

Is there a way to protect yourself 100% from credit card fraud? Yes, get rid of your cards and pay with cash. Otherwise, it’s bound to happen one day.