Metal credit cards and how they’ve changed customer service behavior

Brushed Stealth Black Metal Credit Card

An essay by Vincent Torres – CEO

Metal credit cards have been around for quite some time, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve gained popularity among the masses. These cards are made with metal instead of the usual boring plastic, and they offer several benefits that have changed customer service behavior significantly.

First of all, metal credit cards have created a new level of exclusivity and luxury that’s appealing to a wide range of customers. These cards are often associated with high-end brands, and they’re designed to make a bold statement; like the HSBC Black Credit Card. Holding a metal credit card in your hand is a status symbol that many people relish. As a result, customers are willing to pay premium fees just to have an exclusive looking card that sets them apart from the rest. MCC is a testament to their popularity

The durability of metal credit cards has made them more appealing to customers that frequently use their cards.

Unlike plastic cards, metal cards are less likely to fade, crack or bend. This durability feature has resulted in lower replacement rates because fewer cards need to be reissued. As such, the loss rate of credit cards has reduced, thus allowing credit card companies to spend less time and money reissuing misplaced or lost cards.

Another benefit of metal credit cards is their resistance to skimming and fraud.

Contactless payments have become more popular in recent years, partly due to the global pandemic, and customers are becoming more cautious about the potential risks associated with them. Due to the metal chip and contact padding found on the front and back of these cards, scammers are unable to skim or clone them. This safety level gives customers more confidence while making transactions, leading to increased usage of credit cards for offline payments.

Lastly, luxury metal credit cards have changed customer service behaviors by altering how people perceive the value of rewards programs.

There are plenty of exclusive reward programs offered to customers who hold metal credit cards, such as cashback, no foreign transaction fees, lower interest rates, and more. The allure of exclusive rewards has led more and more customers to switch from using plastic cards to metal cards.

In conclusion, metal credit cards have revolutionized how customers interact with credit card companies. They have created a new level of exclusivity, safety, and durability, and have altered the perception of rewards to customers. As a result, customer service representatives have noticed a change in the way customers interact with them in terms of card replacement, fraud prevention, and increased usage of these cards for payments. The metal credit card has transformed customer service behavior and contain features that can only be considered an improvement in the industry.
– VT