Unlimited Plastic Card Upgrades

Unlimited Plastic Card Upgrades

The only reason MCC exists is due to the restrictions placed on acquiring a luxury metal credit card by the big banks and credit card companies. As well as the astronomical annual fees just to use one (1) metal card. 

At the moment, the annual fee for one MasterCard Black Card is $495 for the primary user. After 4 years that same card will cost close to $2000 in fees; just to have one (1) card. After 8 years the cost doubles… for ONE CARD! EF! That! (excuse our language)  

Don’t even get us started on the annual fee for a Centurion card … 

So we’ve decided to create a membership program that will bring value to those individuals that wish to upgrade ALL their plastic cards to metal; for a Flat Membership Fee.

The way we see it, if you’re already paying an annual fee for One Metal Credit Card, then why not upgrade ALL your plastic cards to METAL for the same price.

It’s a No-Brainer … $495 for One Metal Card or $495 to Upgrade ALL your plastic cards. 

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