Unlimited Plastic Card Upgrades

Unlimited Plastic Card Upgrades The only reason MCC exists is due to the restrictions placed on acquiring a luxury metal credit card by the big banks and credit card companies. As well as the astronomical annual fees just to use one (1) metal card.  At the moment, the annual fee for one MasterCard Black Card is $495 for the primary user. After 4 years that same card will cost close […]

Client Testimonial from: Temple, Texas, USA

Client Testimonial from: Temple, Texas, USA I received my card in the mail a week or so ago and it is super amazing! I tested the chip and magnetic strip at major retail stores and gas stations and they both work exactly as my original card would. The chip swap is definitely the way to go. I highly recommend it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the card already. I […]

Client Testimonial: The Show Stopper

Client Testimonial Client Testimonial submitted 09/17/15 (2 of 3)   Client: Richard T. – Chino Hills, California Hey Metal-CreditCard.com just wanted to share some personal stories that happened to me after upgrading my Debit card to Metal and the treatment I received.   I call this experience : “The Show Stopper” So a couple of my friends and I went to a little house party in the hills. This night […]