INSIDE EDITION Investigates Electronic Pickpocketing

This report is from 2011 and even today still holds true. Big banks and credit card companies think this tech is safe… it isn’t. Take a look for yourself. RFID or “smart chip” technology is not hacker proof. This is yet another reason why our clients turn to to upgrade their cards. It isn’t just for the look and feel anymore it’s about your security. – VET INSIDE EDITION Investigates […]

Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day In Your Life

From day one my overall focus for creating was to provide a service. A service like no other. A service where a person can create their own exclusivity and feel good about themselves. On occasions when people ask me if I did it for the money I say to them “Yeah, no one starts a business to work for free, but I get more satisfaction from knowing I’ve helped […]

Testimonial 10/06/2014

Date 10/06/2014 Name: The Lovely Skye N. San Pedro, Ca Subject: Never a dull moment Message: Every time my metal card is pulled out of my wallet its “NEVER A DULL MOMENT”. The questions I get are: 1.What in the world is this. 2. It’s heavy and the design is absolutely beautiful 3.Where and how did you get this Wait for it..wait for it…. 4. IT HITS THE COUNTER….. CLINK […]

Testimonial 06/24/2014

Date 06/24/2014 Name: Chris J H. Subject: The power of the Metal Bank card. Message: I currently have two cards one gold and one black. Both custom with quotes that are inspirational and mean a lot. Whenever I use them I ALWAYS get a awesome reaction. Guys , it’s an awesome way to break the ice with a cute girl working a register just a heads up. I’m pretty sure […]