Testimonial 06/24/2014

Date 06/24/2014 Name: Chris J H. Subject: The power of the Metal Bank card. Message: I currently have two cards one gold and one black. Both custom with quotes that are inspirational and mean a lot. Whenever I use them I ALWAYS get a awesome reaction. Guys , it’s an awesome way to break the ice with a cute girl working a register just a heads up. I’m pretty sure […]

Testimonial 06/04/2014

Date 06/04/2014 Name: Nikolai D. from Huntington Beach Subject: Impressive! Message: I was extremely skeptical about this whole deal, until I met with Vincent (founder). He explained the process and the extreme measures that he takes to ensure your safety as well as satisfaction. I opted to get a customized card, which is extremely impressive in both look and feel. I have had numerous transactions and no shortage of impressed […]

Testimonial 05/27/2014

Date 05/27/2014 Name: Salvador G. From Pasadena Subject: The V.I.P. Feel Message: I gotta admit, I was definitely expecting this card to stand out whenever I used it after I received it in person. However,I truly am amazed each and every time I use it,because every single time I get a whole new reaction. I’ve gotten people who’s jaws drop thinking I’m rich,to having to explain to a restaurant owner […]

Testimonial 04/12/2014

Date 04/12/2014 Name: Giovanni G Subject: It’s Hard Message: Whenever I hand my metal card to pay for items, everyone is automatically impressed. Impressed by design of the card, durability, weight, and uniqueness. You really know the team takes quality time to create the unique cards. Definitely a great product, the teams customer service is always outstanding.