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Lost Credit Cards? Not Likely

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Lost Credit Cards? Not Likely… Remember the last time you lost your credit card? Remember all the hassle you had to endure to contact your credit card company, report the card lost, explain why you lost it, wait to receive the new card, and most stressful of all – hope that no one finds it and tries […]

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Client Testimonial 01/15/2015

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Skepticism is and was expected when we first launched Metal-CreditCard.com. In the beginning, there was not a day we did not get an inquiry asking us “Are you guys for real?”… Our answer is blatant. YES! We are 100% real and our goal is to provide the best customer service experience possible to each client […]

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In my own words… why?

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Greetings World!    Let me start off by making a promise: I promise to blog about the truth… according to me.  I created Metal-CreditCard.com as a direct and spiteful blow to the walls of inequality the banks and credit card companies have created by dangling luxury VIP status credit cards in the faces of the general […]