Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day In Your Life

From day one my overall focus for creating was to provide a service. A service like no other. A service where a person can create their own exclusivity and feel good about themselves. On occasions when people ask me if I did it for the money I say to them “Yeah, no one starts a business to work for free, but I get more satisfaction from knowing I’ve helped […]

In my own words… why?

Greetings World!    Let me start off by making a promise: I promise to blog about the truth… according to me.  I created as a direct and spiteful blow to the walls of inequality the banks and credit card companies have created by dangling luxury VIP status credit cards in the faces of the general public. Companies that offer VIP credit cards made of stainless steel, palladium or titanium that […]

Testimonial 05/27/2014

Date 05/27/2014 Name: Salvador G. From Pasadena Subject: The V.I.P. Feel Message: I gotta admit, I was definitely expecting this card to stand out whenever I used it after I received it in person. However,I truly am amazed each and every time I use it,because every single time I get a whole new reaction. I’ve gotten people who’s jaws drop thinking I’m rich,to having to explain to a restaurant owner […]

Testimonial 04/02/2014

04/02/2014 Name: Brian N. from Orange County Subject: REVIEW Message: Vanity is a side of humans that can be ugly. However, it can also exemplify confidence and security in oneself. My matte black cards are the perfect representation of the simplicity I enjoy in life. If I had more cards, I would replace them all with These cards have an impression that leaves a mark on the eyes […]