A Familiar Story Only Difference; They Paid $7,500 For Their Metal Card

American Express Black Card Stories NextShark.com, an Online Magazine directed toward Generation Y recently posted this article: We Got Our Hands on a Black American Express Card So You Wouldn’t Have To As legendary as the American Express Black Card is we wanted share with you exactly what the requirements are to rate this prestigious card. In our opinion; It’s Overrated. Check out the link. One part of there story […]

Case Study: Man Thwarts Identity Thief with Metal Credit Card

Man Thwarts Identity Thief with Metal Credit Card Metal-CreditCard.com reports all but one were robbed in recent card number heist. The question: Can owning a Smart Card/RFID Card make you more accessible to credit card/identity theft? LOS ANGELES — March 26, 2015 — Metal-CreditCard.com, the custom metal credit card leader, has reported its first success story from a customer using their card upgrading service. Research and development for their service has been underway […]

Customer Service Encounter #145

Bonjour tout le monde!! I know I’m a month late on wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but better late than never. Right? I recently visited a local food establishment close to my home in Orange County California and I was taken back by the customer service. This wasn’t Hooter’s or an expensive restaurant. It was a small mom & pop pizzeria. I’ve been craving some genuine home-made style pizza […]

In my own words… why?

Greetings World!    Let me start off by making a promise: I promise to blog about the truth… according to me.  I created Metal-CreditCard.com as a direct and spiteful blow to the walls of inequality the banks and credit card companies have created by dangling luxury VIP status credit cards in the faces of the general public. Companies that offer VIP credit cards made of stainless steel, palladium or titanium that […]