A New Era of Credit Card Security – Apple Card™

Has Apple® changed the game of credit card security? With the new metal Apple Credit Card poised to release this summer; is it safe to say a new era of credit card security is upon us? We pose this question based on a few facts we already know about the new Apple Card™. The following information is NOT found on the new Apple card: Omitted expiration date No card numbers […]

Apple’s new metal credit card resource information

Apple’s new metal credit card Is it worth it?  Here is the basic information. Provided by Angelo via Instagram @paidwithpoints | Youtube Channel @paidwithpoints. Angelo provides information on Travel hacks and new credit card reviews.    Enter Angelo – Apple Pay now has a whole new meaning. Launching this summer, APPLE NOT A BANK, has created its own credit card! . Issued by Goldman Sachs ? Mastercard ? No Annual […]

EPP – Extended Protection Plan Update

Extended Protection Plan Update Over the last year, some of our clients have experienced the loss of their metal cards through an ATM machine. Previous MCC policy was ATM loss without written proof was considered a “lost” card; therefore not covered under warranty. As for 03/04/19 that policy has changed. (see below) as of 03/04/19, MCC (EPP) Extended Protection Plan will cover under warranty, without written proof, the loss of […]

How do I get a metal credit card?

How do I get a metal credit card? By Vincent Torres – CEO Metal-CreditCard.com “How do I get a metal credit card?” Definitely a question we answer a few dozen time a day. Yet, without being biased toward any particular metal credit card option, I have written this blog post. Hopefully, to help those of you that are not yet ready to upgrade your cheap plastic credit cards to metal.  I’ll […]

How to protect your metal credit cards

How to protect your metal credit cards Just a few tips and tricks By Vincent T.  CEO|Metal-CreditCard.com Updated: 01/03/19 We’ve definitely learned a thing or two, over the last 6 years in business, about how to protect your metal credit cards from being compromised. Are these methods fool proof? In practice, the short answer is Yes.   Tip #1 Stop paying at the gas pump Gas stations “pumps” are notorious for being […]

Another Honorable Mention

Article Honorable Mention: Re: Metal Credit Cards It brings us great satisfaction to see the industry make reference to our service when comparing all the other metal credit card options available today. Per usual we are the last ones to hear about it.  The following is a link to a great article we found on Uponarriving.com. The writer does a great job of covering a laundry list of the 15 […]