Case Study: Man Thwarts Identity Thief with Metal Credit Card

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Man Thwarts Identity Thief with Metal Credit Card reports all but one were robbed in recent card number heist.

The question: Can owning a Smart Card/RFID Card make you more accessible to credit card/identity theft?

LOS ANGELES — March 26, 2015 —, the custom metal credit card leader, has reported its first success story from a customer using their card upgrading service. Research and development for their service has been underway for years, and was launched last Spring. Demand increased dramatically following initial reports from delighted customers.


A Real-life Scenario Unfolds

On March 21, 2015, Mr. X, who asked to remain anonymous, was almost the helpless victim of credit card fraud recently when he was celebrating with friends and family at a local La Habra restaurant. After a man claiming to be their waiter circled their table presumably taking each person’s order at the birthday gathering of 16, members of the group began receiving text notifications of charges to their credit cards. Mr. X’s guests were immediately alarmed and began notifying their card companies by mobile phone. Investigators were promptly notified, during which time the actual wait staff for the restaurant approached Mr. X. Questioning revealed that neither the restaurant nor the patrons were aware of the mysterious man’s identity. No police reports were filed and the impostor is still at large.


A New Threat to Credit Card Holders

Investigators told Mr.X that the criminal may have used an RFID scanner, a new device that takes advantage of emerging technology being utilized by credit card companies, ironically to provide them with convenience & security. The new system implants a radio frequency chip into the plastic credit card which enables consumers to simply tap their card on a part of the checkout register or terminal when purchasing. Unfortunately, authorities are now warning, this same innovation is making it easy for thieves with an inexpensive scanning tool to scoop up numbers from cards anywhere near where they have concealed the device; usually a pocket. Fortunately for Mr. X, who happens to be a former security analyst for a local bank, he had heard about the new technology and the possible problems that it posed. “The geniuses behind those chips don’t always think things through.” Commented Mr. X. “As a security analyst, that’s my job. Luckily, I found these guys online who are upgrading plastic credit cards to metal, without the RFID chip.” Mr. X went on to say that what started as an experimental trial run of the new service of upgrading his plastic cards to metal ended up being a stylish and practical way to avoid a messy evening. When last seen, Mr. X was passing his metal credit cards around to admiring friends and family who seemed enthralled with the engraved payment plaques.

The Answer 

In a day and age where criminals can steal from us without even touching us or even seeing us is here. Technology meant to add convenience to our lives has also placed our wallets out in the open for criminal to do what they please. Advocates of the technology recommend buying wallets and hand bags lined with metal to deflect criminals from scanning your person and stealing your identity. Does that not prove that the technology is flawed? That it does more harm than good? Debit|Credit cards with Smart chips/RFID chips are simply NOT an option that the american public needs. Say No To Smart Chips.


A subsidiary of Eleet Status Inc. was founded in 2013 by Vincent Torres, is an online service that upgrades plastic debit|credit cards to metal. This unique service has introduced a luxury upgrade once reserved for the wealthy and affluent to the general public. Learn more at