One Year Membership Rules and Restrictions

One Year Membership Rules and Restrictions


Membership Details:

 In an effort to create an Easy-to-Understand Membership Program. Please review the following bullet points:

  1. Membership Start Date begins on the original date of purchase.
  2. Membership will terminate One (1) Year from the Original purchase date; unless renewed by the client. 
  3. Only one name/individual per Membership.
  4. Only Standard Black Metal Card templates apply (choose from 3 available designs) 
  5. Additional names/members require purchasing additional memberships. i.e. Spouse, Husband, authorized user, etc.    
  6. Only plastic cards with the Paid Members Name will be upgraded to Metal.
  7. MCC will provide the member a prepaid envelope to ship their first batch of cards to upgrade directly to our processing laboratory. Additional cards thereafter will need to be ship by the client directly to the processing laboratory. All Return shipping will be covered by MCC (USPS with Tracking)
  8. MCC will provide a downloadable PDF Form for the client to print out and choose which templates they wish to apply to which card(s). 
  9. Only Debit, Credit or Prepaid Cards will be accepted for processing.  
  10. Client is NOT required to Process all cards at one time; Additional Cards can be processed throughout the 1 year membership.   
  11. BETA EMV Chip Swap™ Procedure Included: see disclaimer before shipping card(s).
  12. Add Custom Artwork for $60 per card (sold separately)
  13. Existing MCC clients cannot upgrade to the new membership program; yet if they wish to purchase a membership, a 20% discount code will be issued. 

Any additional question please contact Customer Service directly. 


Membership FAQ:

Q. Will the cards stay active past one year?

A. Yes, the process upgrades your existing plastic debit/credit cards to metal. Most debit/credit cards expire after 3 to 4 years, thus allowing the client to enjoy the upgrade for that period of time.  

Q. Is there a limit as to how many cards we can have done in that year?

A. No. (restrictions apply, see information above)

Q. What happens if a card is compromised and we need to replace the card and we have a custom designed card? Is there a discount for replacing that card?

A. For occurances within the 1 year membership, a 1 year free replacement applies. After the 1 year membership expires, a 20% discount code is issued to clients looking to renew the membership or a 25% discount code is issued to client that only wishes to replace a single card.

Q. If I add custom artwork can that artwork be applied to all my card upgrades?

A. Yes, simply add the note on the order form when mailing in your card(s). 

Q. How do I add the custom artwork fee to my order?

A. The custom artwork fee can be found at the bottom of the Standard Black Metal Card page. Simply add the fee to your card and Check Out. MCC design teams will reach out to you accordingly. 

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