Matte-White Royale Template #1

Matte-White Royale Template #1

1 Reviews
Matte-White Royale Template #1
Matte-White Royale Template #1
Matte-White Royale Template #1
Matte-White Royale Template #1
Matte-White Royale Template #1

Matte-White Royale Template #1

Model Number: MCC-RW001

+ FREE 180 Day Warranty
+ No MCC Branding
+ Exclusive "No Heat" Chip Transplants
+ 24/7 Customer Service

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Item Description:

  • Made of high quality stainless steel 
  • Card thickness – 0.8 mm | Weight – 0.9 Ounces/25 grams
  • Back of card is engraved with original plastic card information
  • “VcMcDAx” logo is replaced by the card type indicated on the order form; i.e Visa, Mastercard, etc. 
  • Laser engraved design with no raised lettering; this is not ink printed
  • Note: All original magnetic stripe data is linked to new metal card (data is linked & never stored)  See how does it work tab for processing details
  • Please note: All orders are required to ship a frozen or unactivated plastic card to the laboratory for processing; this is the only way to successfully create a functional metal card. (Free shipping U.S. orders only)

International Clients Please CLICK HERE before placing an order.

** Template designs are subject to change without notice. 

EMV Chip Sizes:


1 Reviews for Matte-White Royale Template #1

  • Heavier than the Apple credit card - Thursday, April 1, 2021 Anonymous
    Just got this card a few days ago. Its heavy. Heavier than my apple credit card. I am very satisfied. Upgraded my plastic chase debit card. Now I can't stop using it LOL; pretty sure my spending will go up, but the reactions alone are totally worth it.
    Lennard D.
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