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Client Testimonial from Temecula, California

Wow, Customer Service was very responsive and shipment was very quick.  Not only does it look great, it works great too!  I’ve had so much fun with this card; I’m surprised at the number of people that say “wow… is that a Black Card” – or make some other flattering /interesting comment.  I feel a bit like a kid smoking a fake candy cigarette, but that’s ok because this card is sweeter than candy!  So if you have ever wanted to drive a Porsche, or be chauffeured in a Range Rover, then you will enjoy the feeling that gives you.  You may not have a Million Dollar Home, or fancy man cave, but dammit… you might start believing you do. My wife thinks I’m crazy, but it puts a smile on her face too; I suppose she knows I’m just a kid at hart looking to have a little fun. So if you’re on the fence… don’t be – because this card is freaking AWSOME, and is helpful, professional, and reliable!  

Chris C. – Temecula, California