Client Testimonial From: Central City, Colorado

Client Testimonial From: Central City, Colorado



So here’s the deal. I had been looking for a way to get a “replica” of an Elite Black Card of the 1%. I won’t mention which card it is, but it’s not a Visa or a MasterCard. Long the mysterious card of legends, it is impossible to get the real thing without hefty upfront and yearly fees, a monthly spend of 6 figures for a year or two, and you have to be invited to get one.

I looked at a lot of different places, and they all seemed like either too much money, no guarantee that you’d ever get a card, or just downright shady. I simply couldn’t trust what I was getting, if I was getting anything at all.

One day, I found MCC, and read that they could design a card for me, BUT according to their FAQ they could not make an exact copy of the card due to trademark restrictions. So I contacted their customer service, and explained  to them that even though they could never match the exact card, if I was willing to send them some artwork, would they submit it to their dream design team and see what they could come up with. Customer service was in contact with me via email within 24 hours….so far very impressed.

Assured that all the work came with a money back guarantee, I submitted payment for a custom card, and within another 24 hours the graphics lab contacted me….again impressed.

I designed a template that was pretty darn close to the original card. It was a mix of pictures I had seen online and the Platinum Version of the card. The first rendition from the team was not what I wanted. It was off in a couple of areas. The service phone number for the credit card was incorrect, the credit card numbers were a different font, and I wanted other details, like, the credit card number on the back of the card and not the front. Some of these were my mistake, to be honest, but the dream team fixed everything with 24 hours again, and sent me the proof to approve.

The designed product looked AMAZING on paper, so close that if you didn’t know what the real thing looked like, you’d never be able to tell the difference. This WAS the Black Card I was looking for.

Two days later, I had in my hands the paid for shipping envelope to send my own card to MCC. I was getting the chip installed, and sent them my ID as proof (via email) that this was my card.

Now this is the scary part. Were they a real company? Were they going to keep my card and scam with it? Would I ever see my card again? Well, I knew I could cancel the card should something happen, so I put the card in the mail and took the chance.

About 4 days later my card was on its way back to me and with a tracking number.

When I got it, I opened the package and inside was a small black box saying “Created For (Name)” I opened the box and IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING CARD I HAD EVER SEEN. Here was as close as could be, a duplicate replica, of a card of the 1%.

I kept looking at it, and over the next few days, I kept taking it out, holding it and was blown away by the quality.

BUT the big question was, Would It Work?

So over the weekend, I went to a convenience store and bought some gas. This was a test of the magnetic strip. Worked like a charm. Went inside the store and got a couple of drinks and went to the counter and asked if their chip reader was working and the clerk said yes. I used the chip reader to buy the drinks and success!


The next test came as I went into a local casino to pick up my promotional play and as I took out my players card at the counter, I purposely let the customer service rep and the manager see the  black card too. The look on their faces was priceless. I was suddenly not just some average player. I was now seen as a possible high roller, and treated as such. Smiles, laughter, pats on the back…..what can we get for you sir?

We go on vacation soon, and this card is going to be a God-Send. On top of that, since I can use the credit card company’s concierge service with our other card, it is going to be huge fun to have them make special reservations for us and then pay with the Black Card.

This card is going to open doors.

My hat is off to MCC. An unbelievable product from a company you can trust to do the right thing and do it well.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


J****** M***  Central City, Colorado