Custom Stainless Steel Metal Credit Card

custom brushed stainless steel metal credit card

Custom Stainless Steel Credit Card

Brushed Stainless Steel Coming Soon. January 15th, 2017

The next evolution of custom metal credit/debit cards is coming soon. At times a Custom Black card is too flashy, but a Brushed Stainless Steel Metal Credit Card just screams “I’m CEO Bitch!”… 

Enter Vincent Torres – CEO

Hey y’all, we’ve been researching for months the best possible materials to offer our amazing clients around the world. We looked at everything from Carbon Fiber to Titanium; even Copper. But we couldn’t find the right fit, so we decided to review the last 3 years of client emails, testimonials and reviews. We knew that with this next evolution, we wanted to solved what few issues our previous clients pointed out; and offer a cool new color option as well…

What our clients wanted was an executive color option. As well as a solution to minimize the visual Wear (scuffing) from swiping the cards on a daily basis. 

Scuffs and scratches are an inevitable inherent property of the payment tool itself. Even brand spanking new cheap plastic debit cards get scuffs and scratches after a few days use; so we were stuck.

And one day it dawned on me.

The answer was within the problem itself. The scuffs are directional; left to right or right to left. So why not pre-scuff the cards, so that new scuffs just blend in; BINGO! The solution, a brushed material, but now to choose a material?! What color best represents executive level status? Silver? or better yet, Stainless Steel. 

Ultimately, Brushed Stainless Steel was chosen as the best material to launch as our new option. The color of Stainless Steel incorporates the sophistication of Silver; but the monetary flexibility required for mass production.

custom brushed stainless steel metal credit card
custom brushed stainless steel metal credit card

Our new card option will incorporate the same construction requirements as our 24K Gold plated cards. Meaning, any Text, Images, Logo and or Custom Artwork will be laser marked “onto the card” in a permanent Black color. (see example above)

We look forward to the release. It brings us great joy to be able to offer this service to those that want it. 

We appreciate everyone that continues to support our vision. From the entire team at MCC, we say Thank you. 

Vincent Torres – CEO      

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