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Client Testimonial from: Temple, Texas, USA

EMV Chip Types

Client Testimonial from: Temple, Texas, USA

I received my card in the mail a week or so ago and it is super amazing! I tested the chip and magnetic strip at major retail stores and gas stations and they both work exactly as my original card would. The chip swap is definitely the way to go. I highly recommend it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the card already. I Just wanted to let you guys know what an awesome company you are. Luxury spending without any high annual fees and turning any regular rewards credit card or even debit card into a luxury card is amazing. Please keep me updated on any future products being released from MCC. I will buy 2 more cards in the near future as well. One for my business and one for my wife. She loved my card so much she wants one of her own.

PS. I would really love to see other colors and designs as you guys continue to grow. The black is really fancy…..but adding other options such as silver finish or stainless steel finish….similar to the JP Morgan Palladium card would be nice. Maybe even a blue card I know Chase came out with a Visa Infinite card called Chase Sapphire Reserve. Also adding the holograms that OEM cards come with might be a nice touch to add to the cards 🙂

Fernando S******** Temple, Texas, USA.