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Client Testimonial: I Come First

Client Testimonial


Client Testimonial submitted 09/17/15 (3 of 3)

Client: Richard T. – Chino Hills, California


Hey just wanted to share some personal stories that happened to me after upgrading my Debit card to Metal and the treatment I received.

I call this particular experience : “I Come First”


I just want to emphasize this card will get you great customer service. Story starts at a busy bar in Los Angeles. So when I know it’s busy I like to use my metal card. This particular night was a perfect night. I was with some buddies and we had been standing at the bar for about 5 to 10 min waiting to get drinks. So I hand over my custom metal black card to the bartender, he takes it and says “wow this is a nice card”. Gives me this look, the kind of look that implies I Got You and says “if you need anything I’ll take care of you all night”. So I left my tab open; that was key. Some time later we were all done with the first round of drinks. The bar was a little more busy than earlier, I walked up thinking I’m going to wait again, but the bartender sees me and yells what do you guys need? and without hesitations he served me first. He kept his word and treated us like this the entire night. I made sure to tip him generously. It was a gratifying feeling I have to say. If you want great customer service role around town with a custom made metal black card. Period.