How To Customize A Prepaid Credit Card

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How To Customize My Prepaid Credit Card & No Longer Be Embarrassed To Use It.

Of the 775 million general purpose payment cards in force (issued, activated and not expired) in the U.S. in 2012, 159 million were prepaid cards. Read more statistics here.

159 Million Pre-Paid Cards in circulation; such a massive number and each one of them have the obvious (and in our opinion embarrassing) print on them indicating them as such, PREPAID. For tens of millions of Americans a prepaid card is the perfect alternative to dealing with the big banks.

Need to know the pros and cons of prepaid cards? Click here. covers those points in great detail.

What if we told you that you could upgrade the status of your prepaid card, customize the design and change the material it’s made of? Well that option is finally here.

For nearly the past two years has been upgrading plastic prepaid creidt cards and debit cards to a status worthy of a 750+ FICO score. Metal is the status quo and Custom is the future. 

Think About it.

All the convenience of your prepaid card in a Custom Made Metal Black Card that you designed. No more cheap plastic cards & No more embarrassing PREPAID labels. Just an awesome custom made metal extensions of your original plastic card.

Experience the difference in look and feel of card that literally carries weight.

Experience a difference in customer service and the kind of reactions only millionaires get on a daily basis from using a card that is an obvious sign of status.

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