A Familiar Story Only Difference; They Paid $7,500 For Their Metal Card

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American Express Black Card Stories

NextShark.com, an Online Magazine directed toward Generation Y recently posted this article:

We Got Our Hands on a Black American Express Card So You Wouldn’t Have To

As legendary as the American Express Black Card is we wanted share with you exactly what the requirements are to rate this prestigious card. In our opinion; It’s Overrated. Check out the link.

One part of there story that stood out to us most was when the author of the article and the Black Card owner went out to lunch. The customer service they received is no different than how our clients get treated. You be the judge.

We immediately took the card out for a spin over lunch at a busy restaurant nearby. As we were finishing our food, the waitress came over numerous times to repeatedly ask us if we needed anything (translation: there are a lot of people waiting, and I need you to hurry up and leave). After she came over for the fifth time, my friend took out the card and paid with it. The lady took a glance at the card, went to the back and then reemerged to tell us to take as much time as we needed. She never came back.

Read more at: http://nextshark.com/we-got-our-hands-on-a-black-american-express-card-so-you-wouldnt-have-to/#rmns

Ultimately the article was titled properly and we agree that “you wouldn’t have to” get your hands on an AMEX Black Card, because there are plenty of other metal card options out there, including our service, that would (in most cases) rate the card owner the same treatment or better. Metal debit|credit cards are rarely seen and inherently demand an upgraded level of customer service. If you have never seen the look on a waiters face the first time they hold one. We can only describe it as; Priceless.