Testimonial 11/04/2014

Feeling Awesome
The thing I like about using my BLACK metal card is the WoW effect & the look people give me. I always stare at the cashier, the waitress, the bar tender or just anybody that I hand my card to & they look at it thinking its heavy & “holy shit it’s a black card!”. I see them passing it though their other coworkers saying “man this thing is cool” or “wow this is metal”. This is a luxury item & you already know that a luxury item is mostly meant for (Ballin out of control) people with a cash flow of infinite dollars but not anymore. Now you can have your own BLACK card with your own design of what ever you want on it. I have one of the first designs ever made but I recently got a new one with a MONOPOLY logo on it. Now everyone will sure remember my card when they see it cause they think I have a piece from the game but when they slide it for my payment… the look & reaction is priceless.
Thomas Nguyen – Garden Grove California