Testimonial 10/06/2014

custom metal black card, metal credit card

The Lovely Skye N.
San Pedro, Ca

Never a dull moment
Every time my metal card is pulled out of my wallet its “NEVER A DULL MOMENT”. The questions I get are: 1.What in the world is this. 2. It’s heavy and the design is absolutely beautiful 3.Where and how did you get this Wait for it..wait for it…. 4. IT HITS THE COUNTER….. CLINK CLINK CLINK CLINK ALL heads turn as if I’m not a show stopper myself, my metal bank card has stole the show. Curious people rush over to bear witness while others chatter in the background asking one another what was that clicking sound. You can’t be shy with this card because you will definitely have conversations each time you use it!!! Needless to say I love my card. I wasn’t afraid to give my personal information to this company at all. I felt extremely comfortable with my transaction. For all who are skeptic, all transactions are made through Pay pal which is a reassurance your money is safe!!! When this card is in your hand it’s like a Pringle.. you can’t just have one!! I will be customising a gold card for my new business account. The services you provide are hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July. I’m looking forward to other product you’ll have to offer. I’m wishing you the best in all your future endeavors!!
The Lovely, Skye N