Testimonial 06/24/2014

custom metal credit card

Chris J H.
The power of the Metal Bank card.
I currently have two cards one gold and one black. Both custom with quotes that are inspirational and mean a lot. Whenever I use them I ALWAYS get a awesome reaction. Guys , it’s an awesome way to break the ice with a cute girl working a register just a heads up. I’m pretty sure it would be the same for girls… Lol As I was saying with an metal card you WILL get compliments on the card. Weather it be on the design or just the feel of it. I recommend spending the money on a custom card to really call your own you won’t regret it..don’t be afraid to put a quote or picture that means a lot to you. That way when somebody asks why that? You can explain to them and have a nice little conversation. It won’t break the bank witch is a big plus. On my black card I have one quote “Pay It Foward” witch I strongly believe in, so once in a while say in a drive thru or waiting in line at a store and I will pay for the next cars meal or the nice family next in line I hand over my card and the worker 10/10 times smiles and says that is awfully nice of you and then they read the card and you can see something clicks now does it mean they will do the same in the future just by reading it and seeing someone do it? I can only hope so…My point is when you use your metal card it does make a statement and people DO notice it. The quotes I have on my card make people smile all the time. If your hesitant on the Security of the process you can rest assure that your privacy & security is in great hands. I mean the founder was a Marine..just saying. I give Metal-CreditCard.com Cards a 10/10… There is one slight little con. Over time and over use the cards do show wear and tear (I use mine Daily) but that is normal nothing will ever stay Perfect what do you expect. I will for sure be getting More Cards and Different Designs. Until next time