Testimonial 05/27/2014

Salvador G. From Pasadena
The V.I.P. Feel
I gotta admit, I was definitely expecting this card to stand out whenever I used it after I received it in person. However,I truly am amazed each and every time I use it,because every single time I get a whole new reaction. I’ve gotten people who’s jaws drop thinking I’m rich,to having to explain to a restaurant owner for 5 minutes that there is no need to be a VIP in order to receive this card.lol Having my own little start up business, presenting this card at merchants is a great way to break the ice in order to start up a conversation or even to link people to my business,since I have it designed onto my card. Only down side to the card is, you wanna go out and spend more just to show it off!lol In all seriousness though, I am definitely going to be a repeat customer. I haven’t been happier with any other purchase,like I am now after having made the choice to become an Metal-CreditCard.com member